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Abstracts must use metric units. Do not include illustrations, figures, or photos in the abstracts. The title of the abstracts must be in all CAPS and must not exceed 25 words. Spell out words and do NOT use characters such as ampersands (&) in your title. Please be sure to include no more than 8 key words. The body of the abstract is limited to a maximum count of 400 words, exclusive of the title and the author information.

Abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the session organizers and/or commission chairs. It may be necessary to accept for poster presentation some abstracts submitted for oral presentation, and, likewise, abstracts submitted for poster presentation may be accepted as oral presentations. Abstract system opens from 12 February to 22 April 2018. Oral and poster abstract selection from 2 May to 20 May 2018. You will receive a confirmation if your abstract will be included in the symposium program during 28 May – 31 May 2018.


Select the session in which you wish to place your abstract and then submit your full abstract as a Microsoft file with the extension .doc or .docx to


Preferred presentation type: Oral (    ), Poster (    )

Preferred session: (      )


Title     (Times New Roman 11 pt, capital letters, bold)


A.A. Author11,     A.A. Author21, A.A. Author32 (Times New Roman, 10 pt)

1     Affiliation, Address, Country (Times New Roman, 10 pt)

2     Affiliation, Address, Country (Times New Roman, 10 pt)


The body of the abstract: Limit     to a maximum count of 400 words (Times New Roman font, 11pt, one line spacing, left alignment, without     hyphenation, page margins 2.5cm).


Key words: 3-5 key words (Times New Roman, 10pt)

Please format your abstracts as follows:


S01 Asian Freshwater Biomonitoring and Bioassessment: Methods, Perspectives and Challenges

S02 Benthos Biodiversity Conservation and Rehabilitation

S03 Impacts on Community Structure and Function

S04 Taxonomy, Evolution, and Systematics

S05 Population, Assemblage, and Community Ecology



Each session room will be equipped with a projector, a screen, a laptop, a pointer, and a microphone. The screens in all the session rooms at the conference will be standard (4:3) size. Please prepare your power point slides to be in standard format for best visibility. Following Society for Freshwater Science annual meeting instructions, we recommended Arial and Helvetica as well for clarity and compatibility. Please avoid using red or green.

The computers will be Windows 7 based PCs. The Microsoft office PowerPoint 2010/2007 will be used to display your slides. Please carry the source file if some videos need be present in your PPT. The recommended video format is Windows Media (.wmv). Presenters using Macintosh’s Keynote program should read for directions on converting their presentation to PowerPoint. This conversion should be completed prior to uploading the presentation. Final revisions/presentations must be uploaded to the speaker management team no later than midnight prior to the day of your presentation.

Symposium oral session speakers will be given 20 minutes for their presentations, including 3-5 minutes for Q & A. The title and authors of your presentation should be as stated on the submitted abstract. Plenary speakers will be given 45 minutes for their presentations, including 5-10 minutes for Q & A. Keynote speakers will be given 30 minutes for their presentations, including 5-10 minutes for Q & A.



Posters must be designed vertically, no larger than 120 cm high by 90 cm wide. Posters will be fastened to boards with double-sided tape that will be provided. The title and authors of your poster should be as stated on the submitted abstract. The text and illustrations (figures, tables, charts, etc) should be legible from a distance of 2m. The color of the poster board will be white, please be careful regarding color matching. Please refer to Poster Presentation Schedule for the poster board number assigned to you. Please do NOT write or paint on the poster boards. DO NOT use nails, push pins, screws, or any tools that will puncture the poster boards.



The presentation files for each session will be pre-loaded on the laptop in the room in a folder by date and time. Please arrive 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the meeting room and AV equipment. The session chair must keep talks on schedule. Do not allow speakers or Q&A sessions to run over time. Talks are 15-18 minutes long with 2-4 minutes for questions and a 1-minute period for changing rooms. Please start sessions on time, do not delay while people return from breaks. If a presenter ends early or a talk is cancelled, wait until the scheduled start of the next presentation before continuing.



All abstract, oral, and poster presentations will be in English.

Wifi – wireless internet access has been arranged in all the session rooms.

Only one paper per first presenter/author be accepted. Although meeting registration is not required at the time of abstract submittal, all presenters and co-presenters attending must register for the conference. Full meeting registration is required for all attendees.

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